Buon giorno! Welcome to La Rivetta!

La Rivetta is shaped by the vision of Carlo and Caterina, originally from Venice, Italy. In 2017 they fell in love with our Thai-style building. They rent it, and began to renovate, beginning with the smallest details. Each room was designed to maximize space and comfort. The result is a strong combinaton of Thai and Italian aesthetics. As La Rivetta has only six rooms, guests can expect both privacy and personal attention.

The dining area is cool and airy–perfect for people watching. Food offerings include spaghetti, pasta, bruschetta, crepes and a variety of breakfasts.
Besides beer, wine and cocktails, there are smoothies, spritz, juices, teas and coffees, made manually with Italians moka.

A favorite of both locals and international guests, La Rivetta is looking forward to seeing you.


If you would like to know about our menu, or would like to book a room, please call us at +66 (6) 4543 6281. Call us to book directly and save!

Here is what people say about us on TripAdvisor.



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